About Johnny G

My life-long love affair with the bike began when I took my first ride as a child in South Africa. Over the years and over thousands of miles, I encountered innumerable physical, mental and emotional challenges. In the process, I developed self-awareness and discovered a sense of spiritual balance. As my grueling physical training and philosophical approach came together, I found inspiration.

That inspiration manifested itself in 1987 when I created the first Spinning® bike. Initially, I'd envisioned a piece of equipment that I could use to train for ultra-distance races. As I began to develop the accompanying Spinning program, however, I realized that its application would transcend a simple exercise machine; it could foster balance, consciousness, and harmony for people of all fitness levels.

Within a few short years, the global impact of Spinning had exceeded all of my expectations. My innovation was being used around the world, and people were training in a way they'd never experienced or imagined - and I was training right along with them.

In 2004, a virus severely damaged my heart, and my ability to ride a bike was stripped away from me. It was during this unlikely time, while fighting to heal my body, that a memory from the recent past entered my mind and with it, another inspiration.

In 2002, while attending a cycling event for physically challenged athletes, I had the opportunity to try a participant's homemade hand-cycle. I never imagined that using my arms alone to power a cycle could be so much fun or so physically demanding. This memory became my inspiration: if such a bike were re-engineered properly and integrated with a training system steeped in mind-body philosophies the potential would be vast

... and the Krankcycle® was born.

Johnny G - Krankcycle - Welcome

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Johnny G & Matrix

The synergy to change the fitness industry

With his latest innovation, the Krankcycle®, Johnny was determined to team with an equipment manufacturer capable of sharing his vision. He found it in Matrix Fitness Systems, one of the fastest-growing fitness companies in the world. By combining Kranking's philosophically-inspired approach to education and training with Matrix's ability to manufacture and market a durable, high-quality product, the Krankcycle is truly state of the art, and will profoundly change the fitness industry.