Keeping an eye on your products so that you don't have to.

The Asset Management solution from Matrix Fitness takes the power, performance and possibilities of cardio asset management to an entirely new level. Utilizing the internal wireless module that comes standard on all 5x and 7xe cardio consoles; Asset Management communicates a comprehensive view of the performance statistics across our portfolio of premium cardio products to your service provider. Asset Management enables you to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. Together, these programs contribute to your goals of reducing costs and increasing product uptime.

When you use the Asset Management solution from Matrix, you are maximizing the performance and lifetime value of your cardio products and the end results are:

  • Improve return on investment
  • Decrease costs and risk of lost members
  • Increase product uptime
  • Improve asset-related decision making relative to floor layout and rotation
  • Increase service responsiveness
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Intuitive web layout for simple operation

You no longer need to access important product information through each individual console.

Access real-time product performance anytime anywhere you have Internet access. Asset Management by Matrix includes a unique log-in that gives you instant access to your entire cardio floor.

How it works

All 5x and 7xe cardio consoles come standard with an integrated wireless RF module.

Periodically the console will transmit its status to the Remote Access Point.

The Remote Access Point will upload the information to the Matrix Asset Management Server via the Internet.

The data is then accessible through the Internet using your favorite browser and unique log-in.