Escape With Matrix. No Atlas Required.

What if you could offer your members the chance to escape to the lush forests of Hawaii; to hike the majestic Grand Canyon; or to run Sin City's infamous strip, all within your facility's walls?

Virtual Active by Matrix allows you to deliver just this - a revolutionary workout experience. Not only will your members see their destination in the dynamic video content displayed on the console, but they will feel gradual terrain changes under their feet and hear the ambient sounds through their headphones, for a near total immersion.

The workout will take them miles away from their daily lives. Virtual Active by Matrix will keep them coming back for more.

What is Virtual Active?

Virtual Active is a suite of fully interactive, cinema quality, video based cardio workouts. Users will be engaged on all levels as the workouts include audio soundtracks and ambient soundtracks in addition to stunning video footage. In our T7xe treadmill, the incline will adjust to match the terrain shown in the video. For Ascent, cycle, elliptical and stepper products, the resistance level will adjust to match the terrain shown in the video. On all cardio products, the video will be speed interactive. When a user speeds up or slows down their workout pace, the video playback rate will adjust creating a fully immersed experience.

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Is there additional hardware required?

Virtual Active is an accessory product that consists of a circuit board, an SD memory card and a mounting bracket. The board is compatible with all 7xe products, both new and existing field units, and comes with 16 GB of memory. Each purchase comes standard with 5 complimentary workout locations. The 16 GB SD card can hold up to 20 videos.

How long are the courses on Virtual Active?

The workout lengths for a Virtual Active workout are the same as our standard workouts. Users can select a workout length up to 90 minutes in duration. Depending upon the user's speed, the first 30-45 minutes of the workout will be in a single geographic location. If a user exercises longer than 30-45 minutes, video footage from other locations that are on the console will be added onto the workout so that the user continually has entertaining variety and so that workout footage is not repeated within a single workout session. *Speed interactivity adds a level of complexity to the workout length question. Because the playback rate adjusts based on a user's speed, the footage is designed so that if a user is running or hiking at an 8 mph pace or faster, a 30 minute workout will actually consume 45 minutes of footage.